: New Poster but longtime lurker on 4BT Yahoogroups

10-06-2007, 12:16 PM

My name is Todd Smith and I have a shop-converted '96 Ford F-150 2WD with a 4BT w/inline IP. My truck runs well but there are some nagging problems that I would like to correct as I have time and money.

My experiences have not been totally negative but I purchased a turn-key conversion because I felt that I didn't have the time, money and mechanical experience to do it. I have had to learn a lot to keep the truck running and I am always trying to learn more. I honestly feel that I could have done a better job then the shop with all of the things that I have learned on this list as well as http://cummins-conversions.com

You would think that if you were going to do a conversion that you would spend the time to research what others have done.


10-06-2007, 12:44 PM
Hi Todd, is the inline pump an A or a P?