: BBF to SBF Art Carr Performance Products Adapter part #22600

03-05-2009, 12:32 PM
Art Carr Performance Products Adapter part #22600. Anybody familiar with this part?

Ref: http://www.ford-trucks.com/article/idx/9/063/article/Complete_Overdrive_Conversion_for_7879_Ford_Bronco .html

From there:
The adapter plate will mate an AOD transmission to a 351M, 400M, 429 (1.375 crank pilot hole) or a 460 engine. The adapter plate is a 3/8" thick aluminum plate that is shaped identical to a big block on the outside and shaped like a small block on the inside........This adapter plate is used in place of the factory engine plate and is from Art Carr Performance Products part #22600.

Now the question is will this work with the Ford diesel pattern ZFS close ratio series transmission and adapt it to our standard SBF pattern adapter commonly found on the 4BT?

03-15-2009, 03:29 PM
The original ford transmission has a .04" (?) shim between the engine and transmission. I have had trouble with some ford bellhousings (the front of the automatic trans) being so long that the ears of the torque converter do not make the pump spin. Specifically, I got a "bargain" c5 torque converter, (wasn't asking for a bargain, but they charged me only $40, at the tranny parts store?) shaped square in front as if it had an internal clutch, that did not make the pump spin on my highest number "E9xxx" bellhousing, which was 7" tall. I presume the E9 bellhousing came off the c5 originally. I put that in the junk pile and used a toroidal c4 type torque converter that worked okay with a "Dxxxx" 6 3/8" tall bellhousing I got at a gas station, that was presumably off a c4 built in the 70's. There is not enough length to the bolts on the torque converter to use washers behind the flywheel, even if you could install them without them falling off (I tried). No specific info on aod's, I believe it has a c6 big block-Y-block bolt pattern, but one does have to be careful not to get too tall. The good news on art carr stuff, it is not very expensive.

02-18-2014, 10:16 AM
So is that a yes or no?

Would be a nice and easy fix. I would really like to run the diesel version of the ZF for the 4.14 1st gear.
I am pondering weather cutting off the bbf housing and welding on a sbf bell.