My swap is still a long ways off, since its so expensive for motor work, im going to do a little bit of work to the 95 12 Valve im pickin up, im compiling a list im going to need for the swap, im trying to figure out what i should go for, so some advice would be appreciated

The truck is a two wheel drive, and im told for this body style, I cant use a mechanical fan. Which worries me, because ill be moving from california to arizona, possibly, and Id wrather not run electric fans in a cummins dually, let alone when shes loaded down. Im curious if theres anyway to return a mechanical fan, without major modification to the core support/radiator mount area, etc etc. if not, are there any electric fans youd recommend I use?

Also, between CrewCab's and Autoworlds mounts, which would you recommend I use? Look for as little modification as possible like I said Im also considering a Straight axle swap up front, running a divorced t case, etc etc, but i can get there later, 4by is just nice to help pulling my boat up the launch with my 11.5 ft lance in the bed

Im also curious which mounts are recommended from Autoworld for the alternator and a/c compressor and power steering. Im looking to keep my chevy alternator and a/c compressor, and looking to avoid cutting the frame to fit the a/c, as for power steering, im told to use the dodge, but id really wrather keep my chevy one, unless i have to go to dodge to retain my hydroboost, which I havent found much info on on here. Ive used the search function to find the information but everything i find is saying theres different mounts for different set ups and a whole lot of opinions and not enough cold hard facts, i can slide the trans crossmember, not worried about that part, anything special about the transmission mount, or will the chevy mount bolt up to the 47RH?

And on to the ECM from the dodge, id like to avoid using it, I HATE computers, but is there anything the computer controls besides O/D and the grid heater? I heard something about cruise control being controlled by the ECM? Im told I can run a toggle on the dash for those though, id like to get maybe a timed switch for the grid heater though, ya know, for those forgetful moments, and if anyone has any experience with a toggle for the O/D or the timed switch idea for the grid heater?

Also, fitting the I/c, Radiator, and the chevy A/c condensor behind my billet grill, im told im gonna have to have some one do some grinding down to fit completely, which shouldnt be THAT hard to do, i have a few friends who can handle that pretty quick, just curious what kind of set up i should be going for, or if i would be better off with a low mount set up like the 6.5's run? For the set up im going for, theres no direct information that i could see on here, just bits and pieces, not all of it lined up together, so please forgive me if the answers to some of my questions are answered in this forum, just tryin to get a good idea to what will work for my chosen layout I am of course up for changing a few things for the sake of ease and to save a few pennies, however I really would like to run a mechanical fan, and a friend of mine said he could machine me up a new custom fan shroud too

Thanks in advance guys!