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  • joeshmoe_44883 ·
    Im curious what your uaing for your ip an how your getting so much fuel through it. Im wanting about 300hp worth of fuel for my project. I have a ip off a 4bd2tc, and it seems no one other than you, have pushed these pumps past their designed limits. Ive found a zexel ip off an isuzu 4he1, resembles a bosch p pump some, and is rated at 170hp, didnt know if these would be easier to get more fuel or not. Any thoughts?
    32valveturbo ·
    Hi Carcrafter...I read that you had (have) an HE341 on one of your 4bd1T's .....can you tell me at what rpm you make full boost at wide open throttle and how much boost you make at say, 20-30% throttle? Thank you in advance sir!!
    carcrafter22 ·
    The concept is still the same whether its lifted or lowered. If you go lowered you just have an aerodynamic advantage and its easier on the drivetrain with smaller tires.
    carcrafter22 ·
    I have never dynoed it. With the fuel I have and the air flow this setup puts out it should dyno around 450hp at the wheels. I have instant spoolup with this setup also, I really dont know why anyone would want any less, other than its hard to keep a trans alive due to all the power and tq.
    sbartolic ·
    Hi. I was wondering what sort of numbers you dyno with that compound setup on. I was looking at doing a smaller one but I haven't anything to compare it to.
    dieselbuggy ·
    Hi Randy, everything is better lately , finally got a fulltime JOB, started may 20.I still have my ISUZU complete and running, take it around yhe hood now +then , do a couple a burnouts to keep the dream alive.I have a 89 comanche eliminator wanting it BAD!!!.Cuz is loading diminsions of the adapy. plate specs in theis new waterjet machine ,the plate Pete had made up.
    carcrafter22 ·
    I got the hood on and the box on, I just need to bolt them down LOL. I had to see what they look like so I just threw them on temporarily, unfortunately I have to go out of town tomorrow for buisness so it will be a while before I get to do anymore.
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