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  • fte ·
    Hey Steve, sorry to hear you aren't going to finish the waggy project. I was really looking forward to the finished rig! I was especially interested in how the little VW and 6spd did with the heavier rig. I have a Sport Trac with the 2.2 Kubota along with a Nissan 6spd and really like it, I think having a 6spd really helps equalize the power to weight ratio. Well I hope it's just postponed and you get back on it eventually. Dan
    78 PEB ·
    I saw in the vendors portion a post that you had built a starter bushing for a fellow. Was this the one needed to adapt to a Powerstroke starter? If wo, what do you charge? TIA
    Tango88 ·
    Howdy Eggman. You built a stainless turbo flange a while back for my 4BT with a Holset HX30W. I have it welded up to the stainless downpipe now but have a question. By any chance do you know the correct part number for the V-band clamp that matches that profile? Seems to be a lot of confusion about the clamps. After reading the forum I am more confused. I had a Cummins part number of 3903652 recommended but Cummins can't tell me what it fits. Hoping you might know or sell them.

    many thanks,
    Donald Tucker
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