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  • Silver53 ·
    Hey Grigg. What was that transmission attached to that 353 in the video you posted under "Jake Brake Oil Lines" section? I'm thinking about going with a more compact transmission similar to that size for my setup. I'd like to start with one that size and move to the larger Roadranger at a later time. Thanks for your help.
    59chevynapco ·
    i am putting a 4-53t in my 59 chevy 1 ton and i was wondering where you got your rear engine mounts? and i was also wondering what kind of radiator i should use because the original one probably wont be enough. is there something special i should look for or would i be better off having one custom made? thanks
    wanjman ·
    I ran my 6V53T out of fuel and now after refilling can't get it started. Any ideas on how to prime the pump would be appreciated. Thanks
    DougyFresh ·
    Grigg, i noticed in your 8v53 pictures that there is a HUGE box over the bell housing and was wondering what it was? Also if someone wanted to put it in... lets say a 1979 F600 could that box be moved to a different place?
    schrader ·
    Back on 2007 you mentioned that you had a 4-53 Detroit diesel generator and that you were looking for schematics for the generator and control
    box. Did you ever find this ? I have what appears to be a nearly identical unit and I'm still looking
    Dave Schrader
    trihawker ·
    HI there Grigg I`m a member of the Stove bolt group and sent you a message there but I was hoping to have saved it and send it here too but no such luck. Can you please help me put disc brakes on my 3800 1 ton truck. More info on my truck at stove bolt.

    Thanks Gerry
    coyoteodie ·
    Grigg, I have located a '75 GMC box van with a 4cyl Detroit in it. I own a '98 Chevy 3/4 ton that I originally thought of putting a cummins in,but I believe that I can get the Detroit for free or extremly cheap. I'm new to detroit engines so could you tell me what I'm likely looking at and if this would be a good combination for a swap. I want it to pull a 30' 5th wheel effectively.
    Thank you for your time and help!
    studedude ·
    Grigg,I asked this question before but have lost the response,what conversion kit did you use for the hydroboost on the Chevy?
    junkmandan ·
    Hey Grigg----I picked up the engine Friday and other than the block and some weatherproof accessories have it in two big plastic tubs I bought from Lowes .

    Poor Jay,as we suspected has no DD experience,bought the truck for 1200 bucks because he has some wooded propertythat he'd like to pull the stumps to make furniture or other stuff from the wood . He has a mechanic friend who is supposedly familiar with 7.3 Power Choke's . Dan
    noddyjr ·
    I am putting an aluminum 6V53T in a GMC K-3500 crew cab and was looking for some part number help. I saw the truck you had with twin turbos and wanted to know about exhaust manifolds and turbos.
    musthaveclutch ·
    Hello i would be intersted in a 25' role of 3/16. 46121 zip code. Let me know i can send a check or however you want to recive payment. Thanks much

    Grigg ·
    H George,
    No that right off, it took me a little searching for the last oil pan I found, and a little more money than I was comfortable parting with.
    DD in my Future ·
    I have been looking for an automotive style oil pan for both a 3 & 4-53 like you have on your 4-53. Tried Leid, no luck. Do you have any leads on one.
    Grigg ·
    Thanks, I've read his original showdown, have to look at what he sells when he gets it listed. From my research so far I had decided on Second Skin sound deadener, looks like more research to do now.
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