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About me ..Well I'm Pa Pitt .. that tells you i'm grand pa .. actually I'm great Grand Pa now .
I'm Jay Pittman .. born 1949 & raise in Stephenville Tx for every ..
I'm a farmer /rancher. I started in the auto parts business . in 1967 Got put out in 1995. Worked for Chrysler corp for 7 years . Now I'm a big truck & trailer parts delivery salesman.
.. My farm is 133ac along with about 200 lease ac.
I have a 70 by 40 farm shop . . I'm trying to sell out So I've sold my big 1086IH deisel tractor . MY 830 CASE LP is supposed to be sold. I'm goinmg to hang onto my Jubilee . & my IH 404gas. Garden tractors .
& I've got a 2000 dodge diesel 24v Nice truck.... a 1988 gas 3/4 ton gas flat bed Hyd hay spear. a 1989 dodge very 1st of the 1st gen 12v. I'm trying to figure out how to redesign it .. I've got 2 Jeep 4x4 ZJ's one 6cyl & one is V8.. & i've got a 1980 Bronco 300 cid that I'm wanting to covert to an EFI 300CID . i'VE GOT ALL THAT STUFF. & I'VE GOT my 1972 Bronco It has the 4BT & NP435 Dana 20 with dual shift sticks. FRONT & REAR Positive tracs ...3:55's 285 r75 16s.
an a Few other things i've done to earn a living .. Hailed hay in summers . Carpentered on 3 houses to learn how to build my stuff. Hauled dairy cows to the Kill plant almost a full year on that job ... Cut fire wood . Trapped for fur &
bailed hay & mechanic. When I was young I'd do anything to help bring home a dollar.
Sep 13, 1949 (Age: 70)
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