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  • onelandlubber ·
    I am new and just signed up. I am looking at buying a 1979 Scout II with the SD 33 which has been turbo charged but is still very weak. It has a manual trans and no A.C. which I want eventually. I am thinking a 4bt would be a good swap but not sure about using the original trans or should I go with a 5 speed out of a Dodge pickup? I generally need to be steered in a direction where I can begin some planning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    rdharms ·

    I have been looking at your AC set up and I am very impressed. Has it worked out well for you?

    Couple questions for you:

    1. Where did you find the alternator set up with the thermostat housing that hooks back toward the drivers side?

    2. What year did all the parts come from? Did you buy a complete set up in the junk yard?

    3. Did you have to move the fan pulley in the middle of the engine to make the set up work? Was that a customer job or are those parts from a dodge also.

    In general any lessons learned would be great. I really like the set up.

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