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Hey! I'm here researching a 4BT for my project Rover. Can't wait to be rid of this old feeble 4L british V8 and it's 4spd german slushbox. Definitely not your average Discovery, just doing my best to save it from a life of grocery getting mediocrity & construct something unique that can take me to interesting places! I like the build projects near as much as I do getting to use them on the trails/roads, far from an expert but I love learning along the way! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Breaking things, fixing them, making them better, repeat.
Computer work so I can save my energy for the fun stuff.
⇝ Land Rover Disco 2 ~ Lifted, Camper, Cummins Diesel & 5speed ⇜
⇝ Build thread: (LINK) ~ Video of builds, travel, racing, etc: (LINK)
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