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  • W.R.Buchanan ·
    3amigos: for the allison you definately need an SAE #2 or #3 Bellhousing. Without seeing the unit I can't tell you what it is. My first impression is that it is a standard GM style adapter from a bread van, in which case a 4L80E would bolt up, but your allison won't.

    I would suggest finding a picture of either or both of those housings and then get a picture of his and compare them. The SAE bellhousings are all basically round, and about 18" in dia and 5"-6" deep. The GM bread van adapter is about 2" long and cast aluminum, and the bolt pattern appears to be rotated to the left.

    Also if this doesn't answer your questions then I would consult with Grigg, as he is very knowledgable about heavy truck transmissions, and the housing types needed to mount them to just about anything.

    I hope this helps,

    three amigos ·
    hello mr. buchanan, we are the three amigos, we are dealing with superduty04 for an adapterplate that we think is an sae adapter, but he is saying that a 4l80e can be bolted to it is this possible? we need it to put a allison mt-643 in our truck, can you help us? thankyou
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