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  1. 4BTA's

    General Discussion
    I would recommend an oil pressure switch with a working pressure of 100 psi. Cummins B series engines are well known for their sudden oil pressure surge during a cold start. (Anyone else remembering the Fram and other inexpensive oil filter failures that actually dislodged parts of the oil...
  2. Terrible radio reception.

    General Modification Discussion (Non-Engine)
    The formula for calculating a quarter wavelength receiving/transmitting metallic element's length based on frequency is as easy as 2-3-4. For 95MHZ it is 234 divided by 95 [the frequency in MHZ] which gives 2.4631579 feet [or US 29.5578936 inches]. This converts over to 75.077052792 centimeters...
  3. 4bt into 1988 YJ Wrangler, gonna have some questions....

    Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    Engine front to rear tilt varies with the vehicle. In general you measure the upward tilt of the rear axle pinion and tilt the engine rear downward with a goal of plus or minus one and a half degrees of matching the pinion tilt. As an example; The pinion tilt is six degrees upward which would...
  4. 6bt - Sputtering, , No power, White Smoke & Heavy diesel fumes in exhaust

    Cummins Tech Section
    White smoke that burns your eyes and nose is normally caused by a fuel supply problem. If it ran fine in the original chassis and malfunctions in the new chassis then the usual new problem will be found in the new chassis. The normal first check after changing the fuel filter and cleaning...
  5. 91 Chevy P30 step van 12v swap

    Cummins 6BT / 5.9 Conversions
    Memories from the past:
  6. A Quandary

    General Discussion
    Red I got tired of seeing BOTH sides using half truths and the same formats with different names substituted nation wide. Sometimes we get so dyed in the political wool that we can not see what is going on in the world. Utopia on earth isn't going to be brought to you or I by any politician of...
  7. A Quandary

    General Discussion
    I remember back around 2008 there were discussions by the bean counters at Frito-Lay pertaining to light duty fleet vehicles. I was told that a stepvan reman-overhaul at that time was a bit over $4000, The discussion was that they could buy replacement gasoline engines for the fleet for about...
  8. Social security

    Chit Chat
    This was the nation wide political strategy used by the Democrats for the mid term election. We eliminated the political section and all discussions of politics at that time. Yes, our country has problems and the political hacks on both sides are to blame. If you wish to continue this...
  9. Starter wiring

    General Discussion
    #1 first provided the solenoid used is a factory replacement of an early high amperage Ford starter version. Why, because it takes the load off of the ignition switch.
  10. P pumps

    Cummins 6BT / 5.9 Conversions
    Sorry to see that you assumed that 25,758 miles in a Dodge military tug is a low mileage engine. Calculating the actual mileage equivalency in highway miles for an industrial engine conservatively is done by multiplying 6168 HOURS X 45 miles per hour which comes out to 277560. Your hour meter...
  11. Swap 208 L6 with 3 on tree

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    There are early Dodge swaps here on the forum. Check this thread and maybe contact the members involved:
  12. Help identifying an engine

    General Discussion
    A 6BT 100 KW generator set with extremely low run time hours that has a good generator and a running engine for $1K ? Why is it being junked? I think you might be further ahead to buy it and flip it for a quick profit sale. Then get everything you need from a Dodge diesel pick up...
  13. If you like your atomic clocks you need to sign this petition

    General Discussion
    Aside from a temporary good feeling that you did something, no results are ever attained by signing any of these petitions. I know because I have signed a few. AND, since we no longer discuss politics (which is now beginning to take place) I have no other option in place to either begin...
  14. 4bt losing prime

    General Discussion
    Check the nipple that the fuel filter mounts on. I have experienced that over tightening the filter will cause the nipple to back out just enough to prevent a proper seal of the fuel filter gaskets. Then as mentioned there is the dirt in the lift pump issue that has plagued many members in...
  15. Flywheel woes, Ford PN, Chevy dimensions, help!

    General Discussion
    The two main limiting factors are [1] the length of the splines in the transmission input shaft and [2] the length of the transmission input pilot bearing retainer and of course the fit factor when they are combined on the assembled transmission. If the spline length is long enough you can...
  16. Debris in VE Pump return line?

    Cummins Tech Section
    Try this little experiment. Take a clean pint glass jar and add 6 ounces of diesel to 6 ounces of two cycle oil. stir it up. Set it on a shelf for a week. Inspect in one week and see how much separation has occurred. The two cycle oil works good if you run the truck daily. Oil has a...
  17. Flywheel woes, Ford PN, Chevy dimensions, help!

    General Discussion
    I have a Chevy version flywheel that I bought from a member on this forum. It was resurfaced using a flywheel grinder so many times that it is almost the same thickness of the Ford/BW version. Also see my previous post in this same thread. THE THICKNESS IS A VARIABLE DIMENSION DUE TO...
  18. 1979 f250 w/ 1992 12v

    Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    This is a nice looking truck! I do however see a weak spot if that is the original 11" size Ford clutch assembly. If you were running 4.56 or deeper gears you might get away with the 40" tires for a while. I have a bad feeling that 400/lb.ft of torque @ 1800 RPM will overpower the clamping...
  19. Thread in General Discussion Deleted Randomly?

    Community Help
    Not only is the thread deleted; it has been permanently removed, I can restore a deleted thread but I can NOT permanently delete any threads, not even ones that I originate.
  20. Thread in General Discussion Deleted Randomly?

    Community Help
    I went back through 49 pages of history to December 2015 and found nothing. Did you have any recent activity in this thread since then? There are on1y 2 thread posts in your profile history and your count shows 25 posts.
1-20 of 181 Results