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  1. 1998 Toyota Tacoma 4bt/NV4500 swap.

    Cummins B3.3, 6AT, & Cummins Variants -
    Hey everyone, Brand new to the scene of diesel and truck modifications. Hope you guys can give me some help throughout my build. I plan to swap the current 22RE engine that's in my 1998 Toyota Tacoma with a 4bt/NV4500. I have always wanted to turn my little tacoma into a diesel for as long as...
  2. New Member

    Personal Introductions
    Hey Everyone, Hoping to begin swapping a 4bt/NV4500 combo into my 98 Toyota Tacoma. Before I began I was hoping to get all your guys opinions and tips as well as seeing if it is even possible. HA. Thanks for having me, -Colton
1-2 of 2 Results