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1/2 ton

  1. 12V Cummins 1984 Chevy

    Cummins 6BT / 5.9 Conversions
    I have a 1997 12V Cummins that I plan on swapping into my 1984 Chevy K10 original diesel short box. Has anyone done this conversion before? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. 1998 Ram 1500, 5.9/46re

    General Discussion
    Hey Guys, It seems like the ram 1500 threads are getting outdated and I was wondering if there were any new updates or vendors that make customized parts/engine mounts/accesory mounts? So far my concerns are -Engine mounts to work with frame/brakes/starter/intake/turbo placement. Is there a...
  3. WTB: Dodge 1/2 ton 4x4 rolling chassis

    Want to Buy
    I am looking for a Dodge 1/2 ton, or 3/4 ton 4x4 rolling chassis to swap a 4BD1T into. I would like to have a 1998 or newer because I am looking for either a Quad Cab, or a Club Cab (4 door). Body doesn't have to be perfect (own a body shop) but would rather it not be a rust bomb either (living...