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  1. Dodge 2500 318 to 12v swap ?

    Cummins 6BT / 5.9 Conversions
    Hello, I have a 1996 Dodge 2500 Regular Cab long bed. Under the hood is a 5.2 (318). Hopefully not for long. I have about two months of down time because I am losing my license so time is not going to affect this. I have heard a 12v will bolt right in with no conversion plates. Basically what I...
  2. 03 2500 Avalanche 4x4 Conversion

    Cummins 6BT / 5.9 Conversions
    I need some help on this project. I need to know if anyone has done this before. What engine option is best for this application? Any idea of approximate cost? Any cpu or wiring dilemmas? There are options with Dmax but cost seems to be very high with this and would prefer Cummins anyway...