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  1. YoterGoat

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    Hey everyone, this project is a '94 Xtra cab Toyota pickup. My plans for it include a 3-53 Detroit Diesel from a Gamma Goat, turbo, solid front axle, a custom outdoor camper bed (kind of like a Patriot camper, but a bed, not a trailer), external rollcage that will double as an air tank, NV4500...
  2. 1975 ford f350 dually detroit diesel 3-53 conversion

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    i am selling my ford f350. it runs and drives needs to be completed body wise. i also have an auxiliary trans for it and a ruff flat bed for it. pics are on my thread of the truck. 3-53 n with a np540 5 speed. dana 70 rear 3.73 gears. spicer 7231d aux goes with it, brackets and shifter and...
  3. Detroit Diesel 3-53n with eaton fs5005

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    Good running detroit 3-53n, with governor, oil cooler, exhaust manifold, blower+cover, valve cover, oil pan, no 2 sae flywheel housing. with fresh cut 13" flywheel, brand new 4 puck ceramic clutch. eaton fs5005 transmission with #2 sae bell, have transmission parking brake setup also. asking...
  4. LF local small 2stroke detroits. 4-53 or smaller. (SoCAL)

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    Title says it all. PM me if you can help. Thanks!
  5. 3-53 AL in a "Tractor"

    Detroit, Perkins, Caterpillar
    Finally found my deal on wheels! Gama Goat 3-53 in a "tractor" chassis. homemade chassis with no suspension $600 motor only $800 with chassis. im thinking of doing this. ive been in email communication with the seller for about 3 days. trying to get him to record video of it running. also...