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  1. Common Rail
    I have got my hands on a gorgeous 2001 3.9l ISB 170 4bt common rail attached to an Allison 1000 with only 80k miles on it! But the wiring harness and ECM were stolen. I can't for the life of me find on these forums.... Where can I find am Engine side wiring harness and/or ECM?
  2. General Discussion
    Is anyone familiar with a QSB 3.9. I trying to find out of it is possible to convert it to a p-pump. The current fuel pump and ecu do not seem to allow for any modifications. The engine moves the truck sufficiently but could use more power if possible. Currently 130hp 350tq.
  3. General Discussion
    Hey, So I'm looking for a step van to convert into a camper and need some advice. I've been looking for a 4BT for obvious reasons, but am having trouble finding one exactly how I want - barn doors at the back, 18ft cargo area, 7' tall inside, highway gears, max 10,000 GVW, 16" wheels... I've...
  4. Other Engine Swaps
    Hi i have a 2004 ram hemi 4x4 and i am interested in doing the 4bt swap. Has anyone done it? Which tranny should be used and how hard is it to get everything hooked up so that the guages work and all that type of stuff? Plus i have heard some 4bts that click loud when idling is there a way to...
1-4 of 4 Results