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  1. 4-53 or 4-53T Jake Brake Valve Cover Steel

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    For sale is a tall steel 4-53/ 4-53T valve cover that I made for Jakes on a 4-53 I had. It measures about 6.75in tall which is about .25in more than the cast iron spacer adds. It has been lightly bead blasted; paint it whatever color you would like. Asking $125 plus whatever shipping is. Can...
  2. 4-53t

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    I have a dis-assembled 4-53T 5047-8341. This is a Brazilian motor, 04DB038908. I had the crankshaft surfaces polished -10 rods, -10 mains. N65 injectors. Have not checked the cam bearings. I have 4 new piston kits.(trunk) Turbo is an Air Research, I was going to get it rebuilt. Comes with...