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  1. General Discussion
    My brother just bought a 1977 f 150 with a 4cyl diesel in it and we cant figure out what it is. Its attached to a 4 speed with reverse all the way to the right and up insted of down. It has ford casted into the block and head, a large FL casted into the head and 6050j casted into the block. It...
  2. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    So Im stuck between keeping my np435 and putting an advanced adapters torque splitter on it or switching to a zf 5 speed. I really like my 4 speed and think it would be fun to have a gear selection of 8 foreward gears and two reverse gears but my issues are first how do I move my trans mount...
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    I bought two more step vans yesterday. I am offering one of them immediately to this group and saving the other one for a future 4BT swap project. The dimensions are about 22feet long by 7.5 feet wide by about 6feet 9 inches clear inside the box. 4 speed manual (I am going to guess that this is...
1-3 of 3 Results