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  1. Other Engine Swaps
    I need some serious help from people with amazing patience. I want to dive into this swap and learn on the way but I'm a very meticulous person when it comes to big decisions, I have to have everything planned out and detailed so I can get overwhelmed before the process and access. So my first...
  2. General Discussion
    Does the pressure plate bolts on a 4bt flywheel have to be special and tapered? I know they are 5/16-18 grade 8 and is there a part number or some other application I may can use?
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a running 130hp 4BT in or around CT. Will travel to pick up.
  4. General Discussion
    So I recently picked up a 1985 Ford Ranger with a Mitsubishi 4d55 in it. I plan on turning the truck into like a prerunner/rock crawler kinda thing, and I was wondering if it would be worth it to put a 4bt in it, or do the work on the stock 2.3l diesel to get around 300-400hp. Would it be more...
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for a built 4 door Wagoneer/Cherokee (not a Chief). Preferably with a 4BT or R2.8. A gas or stock rig wouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker. Have cash, gold, or BTC. Will travel. - Nate | Marinatin at gmail dot com
  6. General Discussion
    I've been thinking about doing a 4BT Swap in a 2003 Ford Ranger XL with a 2.3 duratec. The ranger has a Mazda M5OD-R1. I don't have any idea hiw much it would cost (I plan to do it myself with the help of a house builder, and a network engineer) if I was going to I would probably upgrade my...
  7. Cummins B3.3, 6AT, & Cummins Variants -
    Need a solution. Scout ii 4bt swap. What is a good solution for the throttle cable? The engine had a rigged ford cable on it. Probably missing original parts. Last issue and I’m driving.
  8. General Discussion
    Hello ladies and gents, I am curious if anyone has an accurate 3D model of a 4bt engine. I am a auto shop teacher and I am looking to make a working 3D model with the students. At the same time, creating a second model built around the lego concept to use as mock up in my 1958 f100 build. Any...
  9. General Discussion
    I has a Toyota Land Cruiser Bj40 and want to swap the engine and use 4bt but , I need some recommendations I bought a toyota Transmission 5 speeds , I not really sure what transmission is like serie 70 is similar to the original bj40 but has 5 speeds the problems is exist a kit to make this...
  10. Vehicles For Sale
    For sale is a fun project. 1997 ford ranger single cab short bed with a ve 4bt millage unknown. Motor has new bigger Holeset hx30 turbo. Rebuilt injection pump with 30k miles on it. Low pressure piston pump. Dfi injectors I believe 6x16. Trans is m5odr2 and a bw4406 behind that. Running gear is...
  11. Vehicles For Sale
    I have finally decided to put up for sale my 10 year project. I finally feel it is done (or at least close as my ocd is in check). No expense has been spared on this build and I have well over 20k into it. This thread will grow as I add things and pictures as time allows. Some basics: About...
  12. General Discussion
    I found a set of marine 4bt's about 3 hours away from me for $1500 each. I have a 2000 f150 with an m5od-r2 tranny in it, so it makes a perfect swap host. I was no intending on starting the swap for a while, but I like to look for motors on craigslist. I know the ancillary components are...
  13. General Discussion
    I recently purchased a 4bt and I am planning on swapping it into my 1979 f250. It currently has a 351m backed by a t18. Truck is linked and is primarily used off-road so I’d like to keep the t18 If I can. What is my best option as far as sourcing out an adaptor plate/clutch + flywheel? I have a...
  14. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    Howdy! Newly registered but have been following this forum for a couple years. It has saved my behind a time or two and its great to have such an awesome community to look to! I am sitting on a 1987 GMC P30 bread truck. Its in need of a conversion from the 3-speed manual to a durable automatic...
  15. Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    Hi guys I thought I would get a thread started for my build since I will be sourcing a 4bt mechanical at some point in the future and may need help. I am not after a ton of power but rather reliability being the key factor. This a common swap in a snowcat community and I am here to learn. I...
  16. 20191105_152804.jpg

    Intercooler Install Sweptline D100
  17. 20191106_163151.jpg

    You would think I was "Rollin' Coal" but I was "Rollin' a Bad Turbo" ;-)
  18. Vehicles For Sale
    All, Im selling my 1961 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon. I have had it for 5 years. The body is in standard shape for the era. It would come with spare roof, spare hood, 4 doors, another full set of glass, another dashboard, I have 3 options roller with all the body and spare body parts. $2800 obo...
  19. Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    alright so I have a 1974 Mail Jeep DJ5c and have a Dana 60 and 14 Bolt 4 linked under it. current suspension is solid welded pipe until I have a final weight to determine rather I want to run ORI struts or coil overs. I purchased my 4BT with a T19 transmission mated to it from a wholesaler Chad...
  20. Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    I am finally taking the plunge into the 4BT swap. I have learned quickly that the venture is not for the faint of heart. I am looking to get out under 7K. I purchased by 4BT in 2011 and 4L80E the same year. Then it sat in my garage as a dream that would not die. Ahead to 2019. My...
1-20 of 198 Results