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  1. Ticking noise at 1700 rpm

    Cummins Tech Section
    Will give a quick run down on my build. Put a reconditioned 4bta from in my 2002 jeep TJ. Is mated to stock tranny and transfer case. (NV3550 NP231) both where gone through and look over by zumbrota bearing and gear. Also have the dinky stock axles. (Dana 30 and 35) I built this...
  2. 4BTA CUmmins MArine

    Performance Discussion
    I have 2ea cummins marine 4BTA 3.9 they dont go over 1800RPM neither of them . WHat can i do. I already replace the diesel filters, Oil filters, air filters, diesel lines, turbos seems working properly. I dont think its an injection problem because isnt smoking at all. ANyone that coul help it...
  3. Wanted: 4bta cpl1839

    Want to Buy
    Im seeking a unmolested bone stock 2003 and up 4bta p pump only it can be a Reviva or a cummins recon out of a freightliner or an breadvan :D im getting ready for my swap in the old put put :D
  4. can i turbo a 4B?

    Cummins Tech Section
    i have a 4B out of a case 1840 skid steer. its naturally aspirated. can i throw a turbo manifold and intake on it and have a low boost setting? its going in a 2wd s-10.
  5. 4bta 120 HP Aftercooler

    General Classifieds
    I have the aftercooler (JWAC)from a 2002 Cummins Reman 4BTA. I'm going with an intercooler in my f150. I don't have the extra lines, but would swap out with someone if you had the VE pump setup. I also have the radiator that is plumbed for it. It would shoot the shipping up a good bit to go...
  6. 1991 F150 XLT 4BTA Swap with Turbo 400 tranny

    Cummins into Fords
    I have made the call. I am going with the 91 f150 ($600) and the 4BT/TH400 (3200 minus scrap as soon as aluminum goes back up). I got it all cut up today. i have it to a point where i can just unbold motor/tranny and pull it out. I have to get the F150 in the shop to get teh 302 and Auto Trans...
  7. Thinking about selling my complete very sought after drive train!! 4bt/nv4500!!

    General Classifieds
    I'm not sure if I want to part with my stuff or not but at the right price I will.... I did alot of looking and scratching for this stuff!!! If you think its over priced keep your comments to yourself and go find it on your on!! Not try to be rude but sometimes people like to throw in...
  8. LOOKING for a 4BT OR 4BTA

    Want to Buy
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for a Cummins 4BT or 4BTA preferably USED. I have an old M37 military truck that I would like to put this 4BT/A in. If anybody has some leads I would appreciate the help. Also, I was hoping to just find an old UPS/bread truck and get the engine that way. I...
  9. JWAC conversion

    General Discussion
    I've found a 4BT for sale that I want to go look. From talking to the guy it's a P-pumped engine and is set up for the air-air aftercooler, which I don't have room to run in my Power Wagon. Can this be converted to a JWAC? What would I need (beside the obvious JWAC intake) and what kind of...
  10. Air Intake Heater-Grid Heater Hardwire

    General Discussion
    alright so i just pulled a 4bta out of a step van and after putting it in the back to do some work on it i noticed some wires on the injection pump side. i found them to be for the intake heater and to shut the engine off. i really dont feel like wiring them up to my jeeps ignition so is there...