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  1. 4d55 Help!

    General Discussion
    My grandfather is giving me his 2wd dually mighty max diesel. Its got the 4d55 in it five speed. He says with a shot of either it will fire right up. When i got in it the clutch petal was stiff and would not go down. Is it linkage drivin or does it have a master/slave cylinder? Any advise to...
  2. Remote Oil Filter On 4D55

    Mitsubishi Diesels
    My turbo is not gonna clear the big oil filter on the 4D55 in my ranger. I was wondering if there was a way to do a filter relocation, or if I could plug the filter plate, and just put a filter housing on the firewall with a filter in series with the oil cooler lines... Anyone done this? Any...
  3. 4D55 Ranger Tuning

    Mitsubishi Diesels
    I have a little history with a buddies Ram 50 with the 4D55 in it, and I adjusted the Full Load screw and put a full 3" exhaust on it. But... It dyno'd at 89 horse and 147ft lbs of torque. Stock turbo pushin 23lbs of boost on the gauge, it pushes 1200 degrees on the pyro, but it doesnt run very...