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  1. GM to Cummins conversion kit

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    Hey guys, I have a 4bt that is mated to an SM-465. I'm ditching the Chevy manual, and am either going to dodge manual or Chevy auto. Id like to sell/trade the Adapter plate, bell housing, starter, flywheel, and clutch plate if anyone is interested. Edit: Was looking to get $1000 for it...
  2. Looking for T19 Transmission, bell housing and 4BT adapter

    Want to Buy
    I have a 4BT all ready to install in my '77 CJ7, however my current transmission is too long for my short wheel base. The CJ7 originally had a T150 and Dana transfer case in it. The T150 is similar in dimensions to the T19, and so I think that tranny will work best, but cannot seem to find one...
  3. Where to source 4BD1T adapter

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    Hi All, Newbie here! Looking to swap a 4Bd1t into our FJ60. We would like to do the 5 speed NV4500, but cannot find parts/adapters to put this together. I have done some research into a few places mentioned on here with adapters, but maybe they are no longer around? And cannot find a manual...
  4. SOLD!!! 4BT with Chevy Adapter

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    Cummins 4BT with Chevy trans adapter and clutch. Engine is complete, oil pan to turbo. Has a factory Chevy alternator, power steering pump, and tach drive. Engine has rebuilt head, 60lb valve springs, Colt Stage 3 cam and lifters, 5x0.014 injectors, ARP head studs, 3200 rpm gov spring. Also...
  5. TH400 w/ Torque Converter, 4BT to Chevrolet adapter

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    TH400 and torque converter $400 plus shipping. Cummins to Chevrolet Adapter: $300 plus shipping Located in Tyler, TX.
  6. What are the Pros and cons of different adapters avalable for 4bd1t to NV4500?

    Isuzu 4BD1T/2T
    I have been researching the different adapters available to connect a 4BD1T engine to a NV4500. If you have this setup I would like to know what adapter you are using and how it's working out. I read an older post with people having bearing issues. I would like to know how the newer adapters...
  7. Best place to get trans adapter?

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    New to the site. Every time I search for anything this site is where I usually find the answer. Maybe someone could help. I ve got an 83 Chevy just started on the 4bt. Just wondering where the best place to get an adapter plate for 700r4. And if any are better than the rest. Want something good...
  8. Jonesy's Diesel Conversions Ridgefield WA USA

    Vendor Showcase
    Jonesy’s Inc. is an award winning custom automotive restoration and fabrication business located in Ridgefield, WA USA. Our primary business is custom auto restoration and fabrication. We do diesel conversions too and are interested in speaking with you about your diesel conversion project. Our...
  9. 5.9 cummins adapter questions

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    will a stock dodge Bell housing match up to the 5.9 cummins. Or do all applications need an adapter plate? Thinking about buying a 93 Dodge 2500 w/5.9 and automatics trans. I dont want the automatic trany, will there be an adapter plate in there to match up with a nv4500? Or what would i need...
  10. vw diesel in a pinto?

    Volkswagen Diesels
    i recently got given a 78 pinto hatchback and a 78 bobcat wagon their bodies arnt bad need some tlc both are 4 bangers one is seized and the other burns more oil than my parents 454 1 ton does gass lol. ive thought about pulling the motor from an old ranger and dropping it in to one but ive got...
  11. Fs or trade cummins to chevy manual transmission adapter flywheel starter clutch &

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    Fs or trade cummins to chevy manual transmission adapter flywheel starter clutch & Hey guys im looking at changing up my drive train a little bit. Heres what i got chevy adapter plate for all chevy sb manual transmissions, muncies, nv4500, nv3500, t5 ect. Origunally from a bread van...
  12. 4bt civic

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    i cant seem to find a 5 or 6 speed transmission to drop in my 95 civic hatchback. its ready for its new 4bt but i just cant find a tranny that will fit. anybody got any ideas? im open to just about any suggestions.
  13. Fuller 6 Speed w/married NP241 Transfer Case

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    Hi All, After having installed a Fuller FSO6406A as a replacment transmission for my failed NV5600 in Jan 2008 I wanted to give an update. Still no issues with the Fuller after 30,000 ++++ miles. My Dodge 3500 was a 4 X 4, however there were no adapters available to couple the transmission...
  14. Cummins to Ford complete setup

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    FORD complete adapter Used Ford adapter set is in great condition. Includes; Cummins to Ford adapter plate, starter spacer, flywheel, hydraulic master/slave cylinder and lines, Ford manual bell housing, clutch, pressure plate, clutch pedal and bracket, and bearings. Will work with Cummins 4bt...
  15. 4bt engine adapters chevy , sae 3 & misc stuff check it out.

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    i have stuff for sale 6bt cummins adapter sae 3 of a 96 f800 ford truck with the drivers side starter 400 4bt to chevy adapter ,flywheel,wavering,starter (broken) ,400 and alot more stuff for pictures see my photobucket ,if its there i still have it. Click below if you like something...
  16. 4BT Goodies For Sale on eBay!

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    3 Auctions, here's the links! Bid if interested! Thanks Cummins to GM Adapter Kit GM/Chevy TH400 Transmission...
  17. 4BD2 auto to manual conversion?

    Isuzu 4BD1T/2T
    I am doing a project with a 4BD2 to repower my M37 Dodge. I took the BD2 with auto from an NPR. I scrapped the auto trans and bought an Isuzu NPR 5 speed manual (with bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, etc.) from an BD2 (supposedly). I have found that the bellhousing for auto and manual appear to...