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  1. Driver Side A/C Compressor

    General Discussion
    Gentlemen, I'm thinking about mounting an A/C compressor on the drivers side, next to the first valve cover. It would be powered by it's own v-belt from the fan drive pulley. I have the pulley that mounts to the fan drive, and I have space on the drivers side to mount a bracket for the...
  2. Custom AC compressor Bracket

    Cummins Tech Section
    I made an AC compressor bracket and i figured i would post it in its own thread. The AC has proved as hard as anything in the rest of my swap. The mount is for a Sanden 7320 8 groove Compressor. Turns out Sanden's measurement of the mounting holes was incorrect, so be careful and measure...
  3. Where are these Ford F-800 compressors for $150??

    Cummins Tech Section
    Im moving on my AC system and im going with the Freightliner/Ford F-800 mounting location. And all over this forum there is talk of Compresssors for 150 bucks! I cant find any when i search for ford f-800 its more like 400 bucks. Does anyone know a part number, Sanden or otherwise that i...