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  1. hooking up crank sensor to tach ,12v 97 chevy

    General Discussion
    hello again, I am trying to find info on hooking up the crank sensor to the tach.. I have looked and sorry if it is right under my nose but any help would be amazing... crank and tone ring kit to a stock gas chevy gauge cluster. I am running this Alternator and do not want to hack into it if...
  2. hydro-boost and exhaust brake

    Isuzu 4BD1T/2T
    I'm in the planning stages of my swap, a 4BD1T into a 97 Landcruiser. I'd like to go to hydro boost, and to an upgraded alternator w/o a vacuum pump on the back. The factory NPR exhaust brake I have is vacuum actuated. I'd like to avoid adding a vac pump if possible. Has anyone actuated...
  3. 4bt alternator bracket questions "help please"

    General Discussion
    "this is my view for clearance" i can always route the intercooler pipe different if the cummins alt and bracket get in the way my 4bt first snapped the alternator bracket bolt, i replaced it, about a month went by and it snapped the bracket. My set is out of a chevy bread van so i have the...
  4. Alternator not charging

    Isuzu 4BD1T/2T
    I have a 93 isuzu npr with a 4bd2 engine. The battery light and vaccum light is on. Put a voltmeter on and its not charging (12.0-12.5). I have put a test light on the charging fuse while running and no power. I have changed the charging relay and still the same thing. I have also pulled the the...