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auto trans pan th 400

  1. '87 P30 4BT Trans Manual to Auto *Newbie needs help*

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    Howdy! Newly registered but have been following this forum for a couple years. It has saved my behind a time or two and its great to have such an awesome community to look to! I am sitting on a 1987 GMC P30 bread truck. Its in need of a conversion from the 3-speed manual to a durable automatic...
  2. TH400 w/ Torque Converter, 4BT to Chevrolet adapter

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    TH400 and torque converter $400 plus shipping. Cummins to Chevrolet Adapter: $300 plus shipping Located in Tyler, TX.
  3. looking for th4oo pan with lower bell for 4bt

    Want to Buy
    i am doing a sm465 swap to a th 400 i have the flywheel and clutch stuff on the van i am planning on using the adaptor plate already bolted to the engine... and trading off the manual trans stuff.. but will trade for a transmission pan with the integral bell piece..... and i also need a flex...