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  1. Axles & Differentials
    hi how are you guy Am new on this so hope you guys can help me, I have a 1999 TJ and want to do it diesel I have the engine already so my question is I want to do 1 ton axles what kind of axle do you guys recommend I will appreciate it thanks
  2. Axles & Differentials
    Hello, Sorry if this question has been asked already. But I just got a 1978 Chevy C60 with the 4 wheel drum brakes and I was wondering if anyone knew if you could swap in the later axles that had the disc brakes on them? I believe its the 1985 and up models. Also is there a Master cylinder for...
  3. General Discussion
    I have an 87 s10 blazer 4wd and i was wondering what solid front axle should I use to do a swap and what rear axle should I use? I plan on doing a 4bt swap a little later on but for now I want to replace the ifs with a solid axle and get a good rear axle but dont know which to use. I want about...
  4. Axles & Differentials
    Hey guys quick question. Does anybody know about how I can upgrade my axles for more towing capability on a '95 dakota? If I can I would like to be able to keep the independant suspension on the front. is it possible to just swap the rear axle for a more HD one? and would a heavier axle end up...
  5. General Discussion
    I swapped a dana44 from a 88 wagoneer into my 97 wrangler. Everything looks great except for 3 things. The track bar I ordered seems to be too short. I have about 6" of lift on the jeep. The track bar I ordered is adjustable. But it doesn't adjust out far enough. Here's a link...
  6. General Classifieds
    OBO I need to get rid of this stuff. i have 2 weeks or my sister inlaw will kill me. 1994 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Cummins Diesel 4X4 Heavy duty transfer NP 241 DHD case: $750 sold Dash ring: $45 Doors: $125/each sold Fenders: $75/each Radio: $25 Seats: $100 sold Headlights: $40/each Axle Rear...
1-6 of 6 Results