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  1. Bearings in Deutz F3L912 Cooling Blower

    Deutz & Other Aircooled Diesels
    I am about to reinstall my F3L912 after a COMPLETE rebuild, and I felt the cooling blower bearings were suspect, so I opened it up with intent to renew. The blower shaft runs on two 6204 deep groove ball bearings, sealed on the outside, open on the inside. My service manual contemplates filling...
  2. Main Bearing Premature Wear

    Cummins Tech Section
    So I have finally started to install the replacement bearings in my 4BTA CPL 0986 that I got from CrewCab59 a while back (thanks!) and I have run into a bit of an issue. When I pulled the old main and connecting rod bearings they were all basically worn out, and the #1 Upper and #5 Lower Mains...