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  1. 6BT in a 94 GMC 3500 CC Dually Freakin BAAD

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    Ill have pics up here quickly, I just got the idea traded around to get the Cummins and did the job took 4 nights. So I didnt really have time to start a build up on here. I used the Dodge radiator, intercooler, trans cooler only grill mounted one, 47rh, dodge slip yoke welded to gm shaft. I...
  2. NEW REMAN Hydro Boost from p30 with bracket and master

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    I have a hydro boost set up with master cylinder and firewall bracket from a p30. This is the type that sits straight out from the firewall like on pickups, not the 90 degree bent to the side type. I bought it off ebay and it doesn't look like I'll ever use it with my current configuration (got...