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  1. XJ Tachometer Input

    General Discussion
    So, I'm just about finished pouting about my XJ, and mostly convinced NOT to do another OM617a. I am also convinced that decent, somewhat inexpensive, used B3.3Ts do not exist in my section of reality. That leaves me with the 4BT as the next best option to replace my OM617. Having gone through...
  2. ANY Full size Jeepers give up on thier project. I think i want another one

    Want to Buy
    Im thinking of buy an earlier model Full Size Jeep to do another swap. I would Like an all manual set up this time. Ie Standard tranny, manual windows and locks, bench seats. But I do want Dana 44 axles. Any of you guys tired of your project?
  3. 1977 jeep cherokee w/ 6BT 12valve

    Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    here are some pics of my build... unfortunately the camera lost all the pics of the actual build... engine/drivetrain came out of a 1992 dodge W-250... but i got rid of the getrag in favor of an NV-4500 and used the sanden...