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  1. Cummins Tech Section
    Need some help. I’ve got a 1987 4BT in my 84 CJ7 which came factory with a tach, that I’d like to keep. Will I need a new tach? If not how do I wire this one up? My mechanic mentioned something about Autometer selling something to attach to the alternator but he wasn’t very sure. Any help is...
  2. General Discussion
    I could use any comments and advise on my install. if there is a cheaper way to do things i would like very much to hear about it. specifically advice about the following: - the power steering and vacuum. i can get a vac/pwr steering set up for 650 put together or separate for about 350 bucks...
  3. General Discussion
    Im restoring an 1983 cj7 jeep and i have been wanting to put the cummins 4bt in it. Right now my jeep has a strait 4 with dana 300 transfer case, amc 20 rear axle, and i think a dana 30 front axle. so i know that i will have to up grade my axles but what else do i need to upgrade? oh and i will...
  4. General Discussion
    So i bought a 1977 cj7 that was in pieces a few years ago and have worked on it some but havent had the time to finish it. Im now planning to put in a 4bt-nv4500-dana 300. I have tons of new parts for it and a fiberglass frame thats cracked so i need to repair that. Im planning on towing a...
1-4 of 5 Results