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  1. General Classifieds
    Hey guys, I have a 4bt that is mated to an SM-465. I'm ditching the Chevy manual, and am either going to dodge manual or Chevy auto. Id like to sell/trade the Adapter plate, bell housing, starter, flywheel, and clutch plate if anyone is interested. Edit: Was looking to get $1000 for it...
  2. Cummins into Fords
    I have a 73 early bronco and i just got a zf5 big block. im not sure what type of flywheel and clutch i should get any recommendations?
  3. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    I know this has been done before, but not many pics or details are posted after exhaustive searches. I am about to do one and my biggest concern is what Clutch Housing to try and find. I am removing a Dead Cat (3116) with 6 Speed Manual. The current engines clutch housing has the mounts on the...
  4. Want to Buy
    I've ordered a standard bellhousing and a 4BDConversions kit for connecting my 4BD1T to my NV4500. I can find everything I need except the clutch fork for a 5-speed NPR with a 4BD engine (4BD1 or 4BD2 should work fine). Thanks! Mark
  5. General Classifieds
    *SOLD* 4BT-GM adapter, flywheel, clutch, starter *SOLD* ** Thanks to everyone who inquired. The first guy that responded took it ALL! ** 4BT/6BT to GM engine adapter, w/bolts: $100 + shipping. 4BT flywheel, NO grooves in clutch face, w/bolts: $125 + shipping (warning: HEAVY!). Starter, works...
  6. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    Curious what others know about "What would warp a good manual transmission bell housing, brand new , on a Heavy Duty Comercial truck, Fork was broken as well. Clutch damaged, dent in clutch housing. Upon inspection and repair, found bell housing would not align new clutch rods with new fork...
1-6 of 6 Results