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common rail

  1. isb 145

    Common Rail
    I am looking at buying a isb 145 core from ebay, but before I pull the trigger I have a few questions. First what is a reasonable price for a core, and how much does it normally cost to rebuild? Before you comment, I know how much is a vague question, but I contacted the seller and he said he...
  2. 2006 Dodge Dakota 4bt

    Other Engine Swaps
    Hello everyone. I was looking around online to see if anyone has ever swaped a 4bt Cummins into a 2006 Dodge dakota. I have yet to find someone that has. I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota and would like to swap a 4bt into it in the future. I know I'd be able to make it work but I still cannot find the...
  3. Common Rail To Mechanical Injection

    General Discussion
    Can I convert common rail to mechanical injection? What mods should be done, especially the injectors and pump ?