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cummins 4bt 3.9 engine

  1. 07 Ford Escape 4BT Swap

    General Discussion
    So I have this 07 Ford Escape that’s dying out on me. My wife won’t let me get rid of it since it’s “her baby” but she says she’ll let me turn it into a project. I’m moving to East Texas soon and I wanna turn this thing into a mudder. Nothing super crazy thats gonna require countless of hours of...
  2. new project jeep TJ and want to do cummins 4BT swap

    Axles & Differentials
    hi how are you guy Am new on this so hope you guys can help me, I have a 1999 TJ and want to do it diesel I have the engine already so my question is I want to do 1 ton axles what kind of axle do you guys recommend I will appreciate it thanks
  3. Need injector help

    Performance Discussion
    I am swapping a 1989 4b into my TJ. As some will know the first Gen Cummins B engines, from 89-93 had 9mm injector holes. This led to lots of cracked heads. In 94 they switched to 7mm holes and the p7100 fuel pump. My stock head off the 4b was cracked, so I bought a second hand head from a skid...
  4. 2 weeks till swap and 1 problem it's an A pump with rsv governor...

    General Discussion
    Okay so Im about to tear the truck down but I found out my 4bt has an A pump. I know I can get a good running p7100 pump from a 1997 Dodge Cummins. What parts would I need to take from the pump and any other parts would i need? Throttle linkage, etc. Sorry I read a ton of threads but so...
  5. Need input! Has anyone put a GRID HEATER on a 4BT?

    General Discussion
    Hey friends, I live in northern Montana so it is cold here 5 months of the year! I do have a engine block heater, but I wont be able to plug it in when I'm hunting or at work for 10 hours. So I think it would be essential. I was wanting to know if anyone has ever used a grid heater on their...
  6. Ranger Body Swap onto 1995 dodge single cab short box. Have 4bt

    General Discussion
    Okay so I bought a 3.9 cummins. Well I want to put it in my Supercab Ranger. But I want the 4bt to be sitting on straight axles. So recently I found an 1995 Dodge 2500 single cab short box that has a wheelbase of 118.7 inches and I believe but not sure but the dana 70 is 65.5 inches wide. The...
  7. 4BT & NV5600 Swap into a 2000 Toyota 4Runner info?

    Toyota Diesels
    Hi I am new here im not sure if this is the right place for this, so i apologize in advance if i was wrong. Im looking in to take a 4bt and the 6spd NV5600 and trying to stuff it in a 4runner with full width dana 60s. i have a done a little bit of research on parts i would need to make it...
  8. Ticking noise at 1700 rpm

    Cummins Tech Section
    Will give a quick run down on my build. Put a reconditioned 4bta from in my 2002 jeep TJ. Is mated to stock tranny and transfer case. (NV3550 NP231) both where gone through and look over by zumbrota bearing and gear. Also have the dinky stock axles. (Dana 30 and 35) I built this...
  9. 4th gen camaro 4bt swap.

    Other Engine Swaps
    ok guys i got a 4th gen camaro that i want to swap to a 4bt. now i have a few questions i have not seen a thread on a 4th gen camaro yet always older camaros. i just want your guys input as to what i should do i have a few things i need to address before i start this project. here is a list of...
  10. 4bt swap on 1945 dodge pickup

    General Discussion
    Okay guys I'm wanting to know what all this build is going to take to get it going in the right direction. Been wanting to do the swap for years and ready to get started. I'm wanting to know what changes will have to be made for the truck to handle the 4bt, the truck is a fully refurbished 1945...
  11. jeep yj 4bt swap

    General Discussion
    Hi guys I'm about to start my yj diesel swap, I've been researching steady for a few weeks and I've come up with some questions that I just can't seem to answer. 1.) How do I tackle the fuel system? (Can I use the stock tank?, what kind of pump do I need? And with fuel lines should I use...
  12. chevy 4bt adapter

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    with the manual adapter what was the flywheel? also what was the pressure plate and disk are they chevy or what? id like to know to get a clutch for mine.
  13. 4BTA CUmmins MArine

    Performance Discussion
    I have 2ea cummins marine 4BTA 3.9 they dont go over 1800RPM neither of them . WHat can i do. I already replace the diesel filters, Oil filters, air filters, diesel lines, turbos seems working properly. I dont think its an injection problem because isnt smoking at all. ANyone that coul help it...
  14. Used Cummins 4bt from Salvage Yard Questions and Concerns, how to's

    General Discussion
    I am getting ready to buy a used 4bt engine from this salvage yard and had some questions for any one that could help. i also am new to this engine and will be doing a swap in the future. The little info that was given to me was its 90's engine and it has i think a ford clutch housing and...
  15. Wanted: 4bta cpl1839

    Want to Buy
    Im seeking a unmolested bone stock 2003 and up 4bta p pump only it can be a Reviva or a cummins recon out of a freightliner or an breadvan :D im getting ready for my swap in the old put put :D
  16. GMC P3500 with GMC B 3.9L/4BT 5 speed manual

    General Discussion
    I Just bought a 1993 GMC P 3500 step van. What should I know about general maintenance and upkeep. I have never owned a Vehicle with a diesel engine before. I had Intermittent problems with power bringing it home over a 500 mile stretch. Some times it would barely do 45 MPH up a slight...
  17. 4bt and 6bt injectors

    Cummins Tech Section
    can you use the injectors from a 12v with the ve injection pump in a 4bt with the ve injection pump
  18. Need help im buy step van p35 but im can register in las vegas nv need swapping info

    General Discussion
  19. Cummins 4B 3.9 Engine Timing Injection Pump

    Cummins Tech Section
    I have a industrial engine. Make Cummins 4B 3.9 Engine Year 2000. It was taken a part completely in order to repair it. I only need to know the timing pump and the step that I need in order to do it! I will appreciate any help! Thanks!
  20. JEEP JKU 4BT swap

    General Discussion
    hi all !! i am joining after i just blew the engine (spun the rear main crank bearing and in turn threw the rod and damaged the block .... i wasnt even off road!) in my jku and need to get advice on doing a 4bt swap cause i figure if im going to put out the money for a new motor im going to get...