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  1. Cummins Tech Section
    I have a industrial engine. Make Cummins 4B 3.9 Engine Year 2000. It was taken a part completely in order to repair it. I only need to know the timing pump and the step that I need in order to do it! I will appreciate any help! Thanks!
  2. General Discussion
    hi all !! i am joining after i just blew the engine (spun the rear main crank bearing and in turn threw the rod and damaged the block .... i wasnt even off road!) in my jku and need to get advice on doing a 4bt swap cause i figure if im going to put out the money for a new motor im going to get...
  3. Want to Buy
    Not looking for a reman or modified, just stock pulled 4BT or 4BTA from your step van or bread truck. Got that extra 4BT in the back of the shop taking up space? That's what I am looking for. Would like to stay somewhere in the 1500 dollar range; dependent on condition obviously. Can pick up...
  4. General Classifieds
    Well, Like everyone else funds are way too tight to try this swap now. I have a remanufactured 4BT with A-Pump for sale with ZERO run time. Still on the shipping skid! No need to buy something wore out and try to rebuild it, save yourself a ton of agony and $. This is an industrial...
21-24 of 24 Results