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  1. Wanting to put a 4bt in a ranger

    Cummins into Fords
    Hi guys.I'm new to ALL of this except the ranger. I'm really wanting to put a 4BT in a 98' ranger and I would love it if I could get a list of things to buy/put on my ranger. I haven't found anyone who knows how or even what I'm talking about in Oklahoma and it's driving me crazy. Thank you so...
  2. Intercooler --- Group Purchase possible

    General Classifieds
    Hi folks. Several of you have asked me about the intercooler I had built for my 2000 Dodge Dakota. I have replied to you via PMs and basically, we have enough interest so you have persued me to start this thread. I can have these customized intercoolers built for the group. When I paid for...
  3. Lego turbo Charger

    Performance Discussion
    Hey guys I posted on the Sticky but I think it went unnoticed. Here is my goal. A better Turbo that will fit in essentially the same space as my H1C with my low rear mount manifold. I have no more room to the rear and I really dont want to have to put a new exhaust manifold on. I have very...