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  1. 4BT to a ZFS5-42 to a Dana 20 TC...How?

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    So in planning for my 4BT swap into my '76 Scout II, I have decided that the ZFS5-42 gas tranny is what I will go with (because it is a direct bolt-up...right?). I wanted to go with the diesel version because of the more usable 4.14 1st gear. However through my research I believe it wont mate up...
  2. p-pumped 4bt + toyota crawler = good times!

    Personal Introductions
    Hi, Im 26, from indy, mechanical/machinist background. I have been working on my toyota crawler project for like 4 years off and on now! It started out as a simple sas on a 87 x-cab and now I have full size dana 44's and a p-pumped 4bt sitting in my garage! ha! I will be posting pics and...
  3. Suspension/Steering thoughts

    General Discussion
    I swapped a dana44 from a 88 wagoneer into my 97 wrangler. Everything looks great except for 3 things. The track bar I ordered seems to be too short. I have about 6" of lift on the jeep. The track bar I ordered is adjustable. But it doesn't adjust out far enough. Here's a link...