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  1. Other Engine Swaps
    Hello, I have a one of a kind example of '49 Diamond T 201. Not only is my 201 one of the few built with dual rears, it also has 15-leaf rear leaf springs and a factory extended wheelbase. It still has all its original components, including its original flathead 6-cylinder Hercules QXLD-3 gas...
  2. Axles & Differentials
    I bought a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 a couple of years ago. I am not a mechanic and so did not check the rear axle to see if it was damaged or broken. About a year after I bought it, I heard this terrible grinding noise coming from the rear end and so I stopped driving it immediately. I had a mechanic...
  3. Axles & Differentials
    Hey guys quick question. Does anybody know about how I can upgrade my axles for more towing capability on a '95 dakota? If I can I would like to be able to keep the independant suspension on the front. is it possible to just swap the rear axle for a more HD one? and would a heavier axle end up...
1-3 of 3 Results