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detroit diesel 4/53t

  1. looking for 453T

    Detroit, Perkins, Caterpillar
    Hello All I'm working on my project truck, a 1984 Chevy Scottsdale K10. It's the first vehicle I ever bought and I'm trying to bring her back to life. The old engine and transmission are pulled and gone, ready to put some Detroit power in. I've got a lot of good ideas from this site, and am...
  2. detroit diesels and rear diffs

    Detroit, Perkins, Caterpillar
    sorry if this is a double post, but i was new to the forum and wondering if a rear diff upgrade is neccesary for a 453t repower. it is going in a 1984 chevy c20. the engine is stock and i am using a eaton fs5005 5speed transmission. if it is required why is that? is it due to the torque of...
  3. 1978 GMC Camper Special 3/4 ton pickup, Detroit 4/53T

    Vehicles For Sale
    Offering my pickup for sale. It was professionally converted when new at Longview Diesel Service in Washington State from a 454/400 drivetrain to a Brazilian made Detroit 4/53 turbo and New Process 5 speed manual transmission. It is not an overdrive transmission, but could use one. The engine...
  4. Detroit 6v92 into chevy truck realistic?

    Detroit, Perkins, Caterpillar
    New to 4BT. Set on doing a 2 stroke detroit diesel engine swap into a chevrolet truck mid 80's I am able to buy 2 6v92's running condition for $1000. I am looking out for 453t and 6v53t engines too. Would it be possible (anything is) so would it be realistic or ideal to do that swap or...
  5. My 4/53t camper special

    Detroit, Perkins, Caterpillar
    Hello all, I just recently joined this forum and thought you guys would like to see my GMC. It is mostly all original since being converted brand new from 454/t400 to it's current configuration. I bought the truck sight unseen, which was risky, but I was pleased to recieve a truck in good shape...