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  1. General Discussion
    Could someone identify the flywheel on this 4BT, probably not going to use it, just want to know what type it is before I sell it.
  2. General Discussion
    Does the pressure plate bolts on a 4bt flywheel have to be special and tapered? I know they are 5/16-18 grade 8 and is there a part number or some other application I may can use?
  3. General Classifieds
    Hey guys, I have a 4bt that is mated to an SM-465. I'm ditching the Chevy manual, and am either going to dodge manual or Chevy auto. Id like to sell/trade the Adapter plate, bell housing, starter, flywheel, and clutch plate if anyone is interested. Edit: Was looking to get $1000 for it...
  4. General Discussion
    Swapping my eaton fuller transmission for nv4500. The eaton is a solid transmission but just need the od drive so hopefully i can go 70 mph. Bought the complete swap from someone but noticed to late that it didn't have any bolts included. My question is, can I use the bolts from the eaton...
  5. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    Looking to see if anyone knows if the Isuzu 4BD1 and the 4BD2 manual flywheel are the same? I have a 4BD1t with manual bellhousing and just found a flywheel from a 4BD2. hoping these are interchangeable. Thanks for any and all help!
  6. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    So I have a 1999 F250 CC V10 it has a S5-47M Gas Units for a transmission and I have an adapter plate which is the same pattern as the T19. So I have the adapter plate figured out, but that is about it. I am looking to see if anyone knows of a flywheel to stick behind the cummins that will fit...
  7. Cummins into Fords
    I have a 73 early bronco and i just got a zf5 big block. im not sure what type of flywheel and clutch i should get any recommendations?
  8. Mercedes OM617 & Variants
    Hello everyone, I'm new here for now but am in the process of creating a build thread for my 1999 TJ Wrangler I'm swapping an om617 mercedes diesel into. I have all the pictures together and description but wont be posting until it's complete. Anywho, I am stuck right now though.. When I...
  9. General Classifieds
    I have a gm flywheel housing, fkexplate, and starter for a 3.9 and am wanting to trade straight across for housing flexplate and starter for a sae 3 stuff pm me for more details
  10. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy or trade for a Cummins to Ford trans small block flywheel and starter spacer. I have a slanted Chevy adapter and TH400 trans willing to trade.
  11. General Classifieds
    FORD complete adapter Used Ford adapter set is in great condition. Includes; Cummins to Ford adapter plate, starter spacer, flywheel, hydraulic master/slave cylinder and lines, Ford manual bell housing, clutch, pressure plate, clutch pedal and bracket, and bearings. Will work with Cummins 4bt...
  12. Isuzu 4BD1T/2T
    All-- First post. I'm going to get rid of the 4.2L Rover gas engine in my 1995 Range Rover Classic and put a Isuzu diesel in it. M & D Engineering (UK) makes a conversion kit for the 4JBx and 4JGx need to mate with the ZF4HP22 tranny. However, the M & D conversion kits require a 'modified'...
  13. Want to Buy
    looking for a cummins to chevy standard trans flywheel. part number 3913056. i live in maine and would like to find on in the new england area so i dont have to pay tons in shipping.
  14. General Classifieds
    *SOLD* 4BT-GM adapter, flywheel, clutch, starter *SOLD* ** Thanks to everyone who inquired. The first guy that responded took it ALL! ** 4BT/6BT to GM engine adapter, w/bolts: $100 + shipping. 4BT flywheel, NO grooves in clutch face, w/bolts: $125 + shipping (warning: HEAVY!). Starter, works...
  15. Want to Buy
    I need a cummins flywheel for a chevrolet truck with a p30 transmission adaptor and a sm 465 manual transmission. I would prefer a decent used one. Thanks
  16. Want to Buy
    I need adaptor, flywheel, etc to hook up my 5.9 cummins to my MT40 allison auto. Will trade complete 1992 dodge 350? (one ton with dual wheels) with 180k mi showing, 9 ft. mechanics bed (big boxes)and automatic tranny (stock dodge tranny) LESS THE ENGINE. The engine is all I am using out of...
1-16 of 17 Results