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  1. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    Yes another oil thread but I am all about finding parts and fluids that are readily available and thus inexpensive. Though when it comes to transmission oil for the nv4500 you must use this magical oil that is no longer produced or use an alternative oil that has to be shipped or go to a...
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking to purchase the input gear for a Chelsea 352 PTO for the early Chevy NV-4500 (different than the later Chevy/Dodge version). I can provide part numbers if needed. I have a PTO with a different input gear but might consider a complete PTO if the gear is right. Thanks
  3. Axles & Differentials
    I've now purchased the T100 that I will be swapping a 4bd1t into with the IDS kit and a Advanced adapters SBC bellhousing, now my problem is going to be getting the gear ratios low enough such that the RPMS of the Isuzu don't fly past the 3200rpm safe mark. I have read many threads where people...
1-3 of 3 Results