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  1. Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    Hey Guys. First post here. I wanted to share with you my build so it could probably help someone who want to try a Diesel Swap on a ZJ. I just love Jeeps (solid axle mainly) I travel a lot (live on the countryside) so I needed a versatile vehicle that could handle well on heavy dirt/mud as well...
  2. Other Engine Swaps
    My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.1TD has blown its engine for the 3de time. According to my research on the web the 3.1TD was the worst engine ever manufactured and was soon replaced by the MB 2.7 CRD. I'm from South Africa and apparently the diesel model Jeep with the VM 3.1 diesel was only for...
1-2 of 2 Results