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  1. Hx-35

    General Classifieds
    I posted my HX-35 on craigslist. I am asking $250 + Shipping on the advertisement. To the 4BTSwap Forum $225.00 plus shipping. T_Swindler *** No pun intended "Swindler" is my last name, not what I do.***
  2. Ebay "genuine" HX30

    Performance Discussion
    Im looking at giving the 4bt in my 91 C1500 a rebuild as its burning oil pretty bad right now. I think the engine is at around 500,000 miles. While im at it I want to do some performance mods. On the list right now is a denny t stage 1 fuel pin and maybe some power driven diesel injectors. Im...
  3. 2017 Holset He200vg BLOWOUT

    General Classifieds
    Folks, I have to make some space for new inventory. This is your chance to start 2017 by owning a very unique turbocharger at a fraction of the original cost. Holset He200VG VGT Cummins sells these for $5k. Your price is $950 shipped within Canada and the continental US. I have a few units...
  4. Holset Baby H1C for Sale

    General Classifieds
    I have I believe to be a used Holset baby H1C off a 1998 4BT CPL 594. There is no waste gate, looks like it was removed. I don't know what the history is. It looks like it was rebuilt at some point. There is some end play, but hardly any radial play. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking...
  5. FS: Brand new He211w

    General Classifieds
    Brand new genuine Holset He211w (He200WG) charger, 5cm housing, T25 inlet flange - $400 + shipping
  6. WTB : Holset HE221w 6 cm turbo or Volvo TD04HL-16T with straight flange in 6cm

    Want to Buy
    Hello, I am looking for a turbo for my project. As the tittle says I am looking for either a Holset HE221W in 6cm or a Volvo TD04HL-16t / TD04HL-18T straight exhaust in 6cm. If you have one for sale or happen to come across one for sale please send me a PM. Thanks!
  7. WTB Holset HE221W Turbo

    Want to Buy
    Hello, I am looking for a He221w Turbo that is in good condition with a smaller turbine housing (maybe the 6cm). Let me know what you have, the condition and asking price. Thanks!
  8. SOLD!!! Holset He221w

    General Classifieds
    I have a new Holset HE221w turbo. Never installed. I bought for a project I lost in a shop fire. Has minor defect on the cold air outlet that should not effect anything. I also have a hose adapter for the same outlet. Price $400 for all, plus shipping.
  9. Clocking a Holset HX25

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a holset Hx25 (non waste gate) that is configured for top mount and i have a rear bottom mount manifold. I already tried to flip the manifold (making it a front top mount manifold) but there is not enough clearance on my engine bay and im about to raise the engine another 2...
  10. HX30W for sale

    General Classifieds
    Have an extra Holset HX30 I'm selling. Some side play, no end play. Asking $290 shipped to your door. Includes wast gate, which has been removed for shipping purposes. Does not include exhaust flange Might also consider partial trade for HX35 in good shape