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  1. General Discussion
    Hello im new here. I have a 1993 dodge dakota ext cab 4x4 with 3 inch suspension lift. Has 3.55 gears. The trans just took a crap on me and we have a local diesel shop that ill be working with to put a 4bt/47rh into the truck. Im wanting to build it but I wanna do it from a different stand...
  2. Cummins Tech Section
    I have an understanting how they work, I think. BUt im unclear how injectors can provide more horsepower. Does it flow better while maintaining a correct spray pattern with the same pulse with from the pump?? Or do the factory injectors limit the flow of the pump before the limits of the...
  3. Performance Discussion
    Hi all, I am fininshing up my Wagon swap and Im noticing that I dont have much power availible. Its enough to run around town and get on the highway and things but you wont be peeling tread from the tires with it. When I put the exhuast on It seems like I lost even more power and I cant...
1-3 of 3 Results