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  1. General Classifieds
    I have a gm flywheel housing, fkexplate, and starter for a 3.9 and am wanting to trade straight across for housing flexplate and starter for a sae 3 stuff pm me for more details
  2. Performance Discussion
    OK, First, Im broke, so this is down the road thinking. I thought i had figured out what I need to do for a turbo. I didnt want to move my downpipe back towards the firewall because of space issues, but i think i want a bigger turbo. My solution was a to find a WH1C or an HX35 and swap...
  3. Performance Discussion
    Hey guys I posted on the Sticky but I think it went unnoticed. Here is my goal. A better Turbo that will fit in essentially the same space as my H1C with my low rear mount manifold. I have no more room to the rear and I really dont want to have to put a new exhaust manifold on. I have very...
1-3 of 3 Results