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  1. 4bt turbo. Hx35 super? Heard of it?

    Cummins into Fords
    So I was scrolling through the internet and I found an hx35super. I never heard of one. How well would this be on a 4bt. It's supposedly has a 8cm exhaust housing...
  2. hx30w chra for 30/35 build

    General Discussion
    Okay, I recently purchased an Hx30 that had a good deal of shaft-play, and in separating the housings, the v-band lip on the exhaust housing side of the CHRA was chipped in several places. So I am in the market for a new CHRA. Ebay shows several aftermarket options but I have seen both good and...
  3. Would like to buy a 12cm turbine housing for my H1C

    Want to Buy
    As the title says, just pm me with what you have and how much you are asking. It would be shipped to Wichita KS. I will do paypal.
  4. Cummins 3.3 Turbo "swap kit" - NV3550 NP231 30-35 mpg

    General Classifieds
    Decided to keep the engine setup - Not 4 sale.