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  1. he221w brand new from cummins never ever run!! 6cm

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    6 cm wastgated cummins he221 has mwe inlet and internal gate 6 cm housing non divided these are the new mini me hot ticket flow ina super small package much smaller than an hy30 but they flow more air and spool quicker. using modern wheel designs these little guys pack a 200 hp punch...
  2. 40-50hp injectors for 4bt

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    Hey I'm new to the site. You guys always seem to have the answers to everyone's questions. I've got an 83 short bed Chevy 2wd. Finally found a 4bt a few weeks ago and started working on it. It's a VE pump, hy35, and I'm still needing the gov. Spring and fuel pin. Im wanting 40-50hp injectors...
  3. Would like to buy a 12cm turbine housing for my H1C

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    As the title says, just pm me with what you have and how much you are asking. It would be shipped to Wichita KS. I will do paypal.
  4. HY35 w/Wastegate J-Hook and Bracket And everything else to make it work! manifold,ect

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    HY35 - 2001 Dodge Automatic HY 35 -42,000 When removed for Larger Unit -Shaftplay is minimal. -Wheels in great shape. -Includes J hook and bracket that mounts on the oil cooler bolt holes. -Can include feed line with 2 hours runtime and return if wanted -3" V band outlet Tig'ed to outlet flange...
  5. HY35 holset turbo

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    Looking to buy a good used HY35.