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  1. Isuzu 4BD1T/2T
    I'm in the planning stages of my swap, a 4BD1T into a 97 Landcruiser. I'd like to go to hydro boost, and to an upgraded alternator w/o a vacuum pump on the back. The factory NPR exhaust brake I have is vacuum actuated. I'd like to avoid adding a vac pump if possible. Has anyone actuated...
  2. Cummins Tech Section
    i just finished settin up my powersteering system....and when i started the truck to bleed the pump. i well i had fluid going everywhere and one hell of a wierd noise coming from the pump. i guess some specs would help. i am running the stock hydroboost pump from a 97'ish dodge with the...
  3. Cummins Tech Section
    Posting this info for you guys who may want to use factory supplied replacement parts to add hydroboost brakes to your 70's - 90's half ton Dodges, Ramchargers, & Traildusters. This is available from your local auto parts store that sells Cardone steering and brake booster parts. The current...
1-3 of 3 Results