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  1. Cummins Tech Section
    So just the other day I was driving around town and when I came to a stop light I noticed that my 4bt was idling low and felt a little rough. I decided to drive home to park it since I wasn't sure what was going on and when I came to another light it was idling higher than normal. Since then it...
  2. Cummins Tech Section
    Ok this guy I work with has A dodge with all the gee wiz computer stuff on it to make a bunch of power. we were comparing notes and came across a disagrement in our understanding. This guy seems reliable but i had never heard his ideas. The Question was: Is Idling bad? He said he never...
  3. Cummins Tech Section
    Injectors are good, and have been pressure checked. Valves adjusted Compression test good, all 4 around 400 I still have a miss. Low power, poor fuel economy. If I keep the idle around 760 when i put it in gear it LOPES. What else to check?
1-3 of 3 Results