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isb170 common rail

  1. General Discussion
    I have thrown a lot of Diesel engines in things but im against a wall here i am currently building a resto mod 1953 olds rockett 88 with a IBB 3.9l 170 with an allison transmission i purchased two engines and transmissions as frame cutouts from Freightliner MT35 the ECM P/N is 4898112. My...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey, So I'm looking for a step van to convert into a camper and need some advice. I've been looking for a 4BT for obvious reasons, but am having trouble finding one exactly how I want - barn doors at the back, 18ft cargo area, 7' tall inside, highway gears, max 10,000 GVW, 16" wheels... I've...
  3. Want to Buy
    I just met a guy from Vancouver, WA who dropped by the shop to check out my Common Rail project. He is looking for an ISBe170 Common Rail motor to buy. I f you have one for sale or know where he can find one drop me a line. Thanks. Gene Climer (503-267-1648 cell)