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  1. Cummins Tech Section
    My name is Pete and I searched for a while here for references to answer my question. I am tearing apart an ISB 170 that came out of a bread truck. I had it torn all the way to the block and all that remained was the crankshaft, camshaft and pistons, or so I thought. I was lifting it back to to...
  2. Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    First post lol... not much for forums but thought you all may enjoy. Finally moves after 2.5years lol.... building with my 8yr old son and been a lot of fun. insta. @DieselFJ
  3. Common Rail
    In the quest for more power and limited aftermarket stuff available I asked Leen at Steed Speed to build one of his performance exhaust manifolds for the ISB170. It arrived on Friday and is setup for the T3 flange to bolt a HY35 turbo onto. Still a few weeks away from having it running but looks...